2014 IJSBA World Finals Pro Freestyle

Results in pro freestyle, unlike closed course racing, are not determined by a finish line, but, by a group of judges, and as such, are not always black and white and in fact are controversial more often than not. This year however, that was not the case as Lee Stone proved convincingly through three standout performances that without question he deserved the world championship.

2014 Macc Racing/Hydro-Turf Flip-off

The date was October 12, 2014. Lee Stone had just locked up another IJSBA Pro Freestyle World Championship. What better way to celebtate than to make your mark in history with a record-breaking string of backflips! Thanks to Macc Racing and Hydro-Turf, Lee was able to do just that. Five competitors in all qualified to give it a shot. Watercraft Rider was honored to be invited by Macc Racing's Chris MacClugage to be the official video crew and provide the video images submitted to Guinness Book of World Records for review. Check out the video to see how it all went down... or around, and around

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