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The HYDRA silo is dedicated to those who want to enhance their experience on the water as they engage in fresh water fishing, offshore fishing, boating, sailing, standup paddling and performing in all water sports and activities.


Injected polar, grey lens tint with green mirror ash multilayer coating, developed for intense-light offshore fishing. 12.9% VLT, category 3


Impact Resistance

Superior high impact resistance lens, 5-6 times more than standard polycarbonate.


Element Protection

Sealed multi layer, dual sided, hydrophobic, oil-repellent, fog resistant, anti-smudge, scratch resistant hard coating that keep your lenses free of elements like sunblock, fishguts and water.



  • Floatable Frame
  • Adaptable Aqua Leash System
  • Rubber Nosebridge and Temples


SKU: 720-2356
$220.00 Regular Price
$176.00Sale Price
  • When Dragon released their Waterman X and Seafarer X sunglasses we were blown away. Although not designed for PWC riders they might as well have been. We immediately got our hands on both models, got on the water, and put them to the test. They now are not only our "go-to" riding glasses but the only sunglasses we wear period. They feature high quality lenses that are designed specifically for the water, they have an integrated leash system that works unbelievably well (and can be removed) and the frames fit well, are stylish, and of course they float. They also feature some very nice details like rubber anti-slip inserts on the nose and temples to keep the frames in place when wet. We absolutely love them and feel strongly they are by far the best sunglasses we have ever used for riding and know you'll agree 100%. Highly recomended.

  • Coming Soon!

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