WORKS H2O DESIGNS has taken the best features from wake-boarding, motocross and athletic running shoes and rolled them all into the most incredible PWC boot in history!

FLUID FIT: A quicksinch lacing system combined with an adjustable ankle strap provide security and comfort when putting on the boot. Once your riding session is over, a simple pull and release feature makes the ALPHA-1 easy to slip off.

REMOARA SOLE: When in the heat of batle or dicing with your friends at your favorite riding spot, "slippery when wet" is not an option. To combat this the ALPHA-1 has a proprietary remora sole with a special durometer rubber material to give an increased coefficient of friction that allows the boot to stick. The bottom has drain holes that provide a fast exit of pooling water and has pressure-bonded and stiched construction to reduce the delamination so common in other boots.

The bottom line is we have ridden with every PWC boot made and the ALPHA-1 blows them all away.


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  • Coming soon!