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2015 Kawasaki Jet Ski Media Ride Day

Watercraft Rider was recently invited to Mission Bay in San Diego, California to spend a day riding the 2015 Kawasaki Ultra Jet Skis which always puts a big smile on our faces...and yes we know, tough job. And let's cut right to the chase, if you haven't yet had the experience - grabbing a big handful of the 310 horsepower that the 1500cc supercharged Kawasaki mill puts out - never fails to impress. But take this big Ultra into conditions like we had the pleasure of experiencing outside the bay in the churned-up Pacific Ocean and you quickly understand why the Ultra has been virtually unbeatable in the world of offshore racing.

But this day wasn't just about big horsepower and rough water, although we REALLY like that combination, it was a chance for us to get some seat time and check out all of the features on the 2015 Ultras. Two of the features that have carried over from 2014 and have proven to be big hits are the fantastic Jetsound audio system and heat resistant seat cover, both standard on the 310 LX. And of course there are new colors and graphics with the real standout being the beautiful burnt orange on the 310 SE.

Check out our video coverage for a good look at the 2015 Kawasaki Ultra Jet Ski line in action.

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