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2015 Hot Products Mark Hahn 300 presented by Yamaha

The Mark Hahn 300 began eleven years ago as a way for veteran endurance racer Mike Follmer to honor fellow endurance racer and good friend Mark Hahn who tragically passed away during a race in 2004. What began as a humble gathering of Mark's friends and fellow endurance racers has evolved into one of the most important endurance races in the world with race teams from 13 countries arriving in Lake Havasu City, Arizona to do battle on Lake Havasu's often turbulant ten mile course.

As the event has evolved, the competiion has become deadly serious. Not just between many of the top pilots in the world, but their tuners as well - building skis that are capable of 90+ MPH has become "relatively" commonplace, but bulding one that can go three hundred miles at wide open throtle has not. The other major factor is the lake itself. Lake Havasu is a big body of water where conditions can range from pure glass to hellish "victory at sea" when the often fierce desert winds kick up and take their toll on both body and boat. As the sun rose on race day, Kawasaki racers were looking forward to the forcasted 15 to 25 mph winds that would produce the rough water their Ultra hulls excel in. Conversly, Yamaha and Sea-Doo riders had big smiles on their faces as those winds hadn't materalized at the start and conditions were calm providing them a perfect oppourtunity to take advantage of their superior top speed.

Check out our video coverage as we capture the drama that unfolded over the five hours and three hundred miles of intense racing including Yuri Riabko and Peter DeSmet pushing their turbocharged Yamaha, with rumored speeds of 91+ mph, into a monstorus lead - at one point lapping the entire field only to be met with disaster in the waning moments allowing the talented duo of Jean Bruno Pastrello and Jean Baptiste Botti on their supercharged Kawasaki to inherit the lead and hang on for the win with less than two laps left in the race.

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