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2015 IJSBA quackysense World Finals Promo Video

When Dorothy clicked the heals of her ruby red shoes together in the cinematic classic The Wizard of Oz, her only desire was to get "home," to feel that warm, comfortable feeling of familiar surroundings, friends and family. We can relate. It is exactly the feeling we get in anticipation of the IJSBA World Finals each and every year. Rick Lake has been attending each year since 1984. For me, it has been an annual pilgrimage since 1986.

For me, you could say that life started at the Finals in 1987 in the waters off of the Nautical Inn. I had my first crack at a PWC thanks to the graciousness of newly coronated IJSBA Director Bruce Stjernstrom when he cut loose one of the IJSBA course marshal skis; a Kawasaki 550 for me to take for a spin on Monday after the Finals. It changed my life (for the better, in case there was any question). It ended up to be one of the greatest events of my life, and it happened at the Finals. Since that time, the gathering of close friends at the Finals is a highly anticipated annual event.

As great as that experience was for me, it is pocket change compared to the holy grail of winning a world championship there. The rush is always overwhelming. Over the years we have had the privilege of interviewing champions like Jacobs, MacClugage, Rippenkroeger, Motzouris, Rius, Carlson, Watkins, Laho and many others seconds after they cross the finish line. The energy is almost tangible. Anyone within 100 yards can feel it. It's easy to understand the addiction champions like Jeff Jacobs (10X), Chris MacClugage (19X) and Mike Klippenstein (23X) must feel for a win.

Lake Havasu transforms itself into the center of the PWC universe each year in October. There is nothing even remotely like it. If you have been a part of it, you know what I mean. If not, you REALLY need to do something about it. If you need some help in getting there, you can borrow IJSBA Director Scott Frazier’s glittering ruby red pumps on a day that he’s not using them. In all seriousness, thanks, Scott, for making this happen year after year.

Check out our promo video for a taste of the IJSBA quackysense World Finals. We’ll see you there!

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