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2015 IJSBA World Final Pro R/A Open

"The Flying Frenchman' Jean Baptiste Botti so thoroughly dominated the Pro Runabout Open class at last year's World Finals, and then followed that win with a victory teamed with Jean-Bruno Pastorello in the prestigious Mark Hahn 300 on the same stretch of beach, that we began to wonder if the name should be changed to Botti Beach.

But, as is always the case, to win at the World Finals requires a virtually flawless weekend, as any problems on the track, whether riding errors or equipment issues are greatly magnified when competing against the best the world has to offer. And this year it was Sea-Doo pilot Gyorgy Kasza from Hungary, not Botti, who turned in a perfect performance aboard his very exotic, incredibly sharp handling and ballistically fast watercraft to claim the 2015 Pro Runabout Open World Championship.

As you watch our video coverage keep a close eye on Kasza and check-out the handling on his custom carbon hulled Sea-Do, it looks other worldly to us. Oh, and they'll be no beach name changes for now.

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