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2015 World Finals Pro Freestyle

Through the years there has been one constant at the World Finals - the grandstands will always be packed during Pro Freestyle. Add in the very popular nighttime round of competition, titled the Blowsion Expression Session, which is held in the channel next to the iconic London Bridge drawing thousands of spectators, and it's clear, the colorful, high flying spectacle of Pro Freestyle is a fan favorite.

If you're a hardcore freestyle fan you are going to love our video coverage of this years competition. Our idea was to show the highlights of each competitors routine that led to their points total. You will be able to see that as the point totals increase, in addition to more difficult tricks as well as increased amplitude (going big), the top scoring riders seamlessly string together more moves with very little wasted time in between. When you only have a minute or two on the water every second is extremely valuable. As you watch Lee Stone successfully defend his World Title, in addition to being simply incredible, you will see him string together a dizzying array of moves that leaves absolutely no question we are well into the Lee Stone era.

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