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2015 World Finals GP Runabout

It's not often that a rider beats the best in the world on his way to a pro championship at the IJSBA World Finals that is not already a household name. And for Mohammed Burbayea from Kuwait, that is somewhat the case although it shouldn't be. Despite a resume with 28 titles including 17 IJSBA World Championships to his credit, his name is not generally brought up when discussing potential title contenders. Until now. At the 2015 Finals, with a rock-solid effort against the best in the world, including multi-time world champion James Bushell, Burbayea etched his name into the history books along side the greatest names in the sport. In our Pro GP Runabout video coverage you will see how Burbayea was able to quickly put his extremely fast Sea-Doo RXP-X into the lead in both motos while withstanding the intense pressure applied by Bushell on his also very fast Sea-Doo. The end result, a perfect 1-1 score, well done Mohammed and congratulations!

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