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2015 World Finals Endurance

Endurance racing is generally considered a long drawn-out affair with little side-by-side racing - fun (and safe) to participate in - but not much spectator appeal. The inaugural IJSBA World Finals Endurance Championship proved a very big way, featuring as much bar banging, fiberglass bashing action, if not more, than most closed course races. Unfortunately, in part because the race was held following the final closed course race of the day on the final Sunday afternoon of the week-long event, the only people that stayed around to witness what turned out to be one of the best events of the World Finals were us, announcer Dawn Dawson and a handful of diehards.

What spectators missed and we captured with our cameras was frankly a great, and at times, highly entertaining show. The format was two thirty minute motos separated by a twenty-five minute refueling break that featured some of the top endurance racers in the world riding their highly-tuned very fast runabouts at wide open throttle around a course that circled the perimeter of the World Finals closed course layout. At the end of a long day of competition we were stoked to see a form of PWC racing that we feel will resonate with both riders and fans, enjoy.

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