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2016 Mark Hahn Memorial 300 Presented by Yamaha

The scene was the beachfront of the Crazy Horse Campground. We’re standing there interviewing Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Botti one-half hour prior to the 12th running of the Hot Products Mark Hahn Memorial 300. The discouragement in his tone was palpable, almost painful to hear, as he explained how “their ski is very slow” compared to the many turbocharged entries, and with the “flat, flat, flat” conditions, the chances of he and Jean-Bruno Pastorello repeating as champions on their rough water craving Kawasaki Ultra was slim to nil. The chain of events that transpired from that point forward underscore the fact that anything is possible in world of PWC endurance racing. Check out our video to see the highlights (and low points!) of the roller coaster ride that was the 2016 Hot Products Mark Hahn 300 presented by Yamaha. Hollywood couldn’t have written the script of events any better.

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