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2016 Long Beach To Catalina & Back Offshore Championship

Perhaps the oldest axiom in endurance racing is "to finish first, first you must finish", and over the course of the last three running's of the Hot Products Long Beach To Catalina & Back IJSBA Offshore Endurance National Championship, this has never been more true. As you will see in our video coverage of this years event, this year's recipient of that unwanted bit of wisdom was Aussie Christian D' Agostin, and while he did finish second overall, he probably didn't feel a whole lot better than past champions Craig Warner and Mark Gerner who both suffered mechanical breakdowns mid-channel, as his immaculately prepped Worx Racing Yamaha FX-SVHO began running out of fuel literally within eyesight of the finish line while leading the race. D'Agostin's heartbreak opened the door for Canadian Mike Klippenstein, who himself suffered a mechanical one year ago while in a very good position to take the win on his equally dialed-in, Bill Chapin tuned, R&D Turbo Yamaha FX-SVHO to blast by D'Agostin and take his first LB2CAT championship.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to's Mark Gerner for support with our helicopter coverage as well as offshore endurance legend and 4-time LB2CAT champion Billy Womak and the equally legendary Jeff Hain for supporting our race coverage on the always entertaining N 2 Deep.

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