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2017 Kawasaki SX-R 4-Stroke Stand Up

Back in the late 1960's the Detroit auto makers had what almost seemed like a magic combination. They put "big block" large displacement engines that were originally designed for larger vehicles into much smaller, lighter cars. This was the genesis of a whole new market segment known as "Pony cars." Think of the Ford Mustang 426 Cobra Jet, The Chevy Camaro with a 427 or 454. The power-to-weight physics of powerful large displacement engines in a small, light chassis makes for a vehicle that is almost impossible to beat. The best part of it all was that "parts bin swapping" as it was known kept the cost reasonable as the extra tooling needed to make it happen was minimal.

It seems that Kawasaki had this exact game plan in mind for the development of their new 2017 SX-R 4-stroke stand up Jet Ski. Kawasaki parts bin swapped big-time from their STX-15F to make it happen. Everything from the 1498cc engine to the jet pump and impeller are direct carry-overs from the 15F, right down to the pitch of the impeller. Even the rear sponsons are lifted "as-is" from the 15F. The basic components of the ignition system are carry-overs from the earlier pre-immoblizer 15F (an immoblizer isn't used in the new SX-R). Other parts like the intake manifold are sourced from an Ultra 310 and the in-tank fuel pump and the voltage regulator are borrowed from Kawasaki's Teryx SxS. To be clear, there is no shame in this as, in our opinion, anything that enables Kawasaki to hand us a 4-stroke stand up that is comfortable and capable of cruising a lake in less than perfect water AND is capable of going 63-64mph out of the box (yes, you read that right) for about half the cost of a Hydrospace is good by us. Kawasaki calls it a sport stand up... kind of like calling a Miata with V8 a sports car.

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